What if I served Honorably, but didn't receive Discharge Paperwork?

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You’re eligible for VA benefits at the end of a period of honorable service, even if you didn’t receive a discharge in the form of a DD214. If you completed your original contract period without any disciplinary problems, you can use this period of service to establish your eligibility, even if you re-enlisted or extended your service and did not receive an “honorable” DD214 at the end of your second period of service. If you completed a period of honorable service that’s not reflected on a DD214, make sure you specifically mention this period of service when you apply for VA benefits. We may do a Character of Discharge review to confirm your eligibility.

You can also apply to the Department of Defense (DoD) or the Coast Guard for a second DD214 only for that honorable period of service. Click the Get Started button above and answer the questions based on your most recent discharge. When you’re asked if you completed a period of service in which your character of service was honorable or general under honorable conditions, select: “Yes, I completed a prior period of service, but I did not receive discharge paperwork from that period.”