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Privacy Act Request (C-File)


C-File Requests

As of April 2020

The VA now has VA Form 20-10206, a form specifically used to get copies of:

  1. Complete C-File
  2. C&P exam results by date
  3. Service Treatment Records (Military Medical Records)
  4. DD-214
  5. Vocational Rehabilitation and Education (Voc Rehab) records
  6. Pension benefit documents
  7. Life insurance and benefit records
  8. Fiduciary service records
  9. Education benefits records
  10. Human resource records
  11. Home loan benefits records
  12. Military to civilian transition (TAP) documents

You can now mail, fax or EMAIL the request. Address, fax number and email address is on the form itself.

You select which items you want on the form.

This can be used by the Veteran, survivors or advocates.


The center is now processing 94,000 in backlog, down from 110,000 a few months ago. Be patient. This will speed up requests but there is no need to resubmit if you have already submitted a request.

Expanded list of diseases linked to the herbicide means more veterans and their survivors qualify by David Frank, AARP, November 2, 2018

Many Vietnam veterans and their survivors may be missing out on substantial payments they are entitled to receive as a result of exposure to Agent Orange, veterans’ advocates say.



Coast guard


Marine corps

Air force