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Dave Gruger
Forum Rules! Please Read

LEGAL & MEDICAL DISCLAIMER and note to all members of this group, Forum and website: I, nor any other administrator of this group, forum or website, specifically or personally endorse any doctor for nexus letters/medical opinions and/or their quality of work unless I or they specifically endorse them in a posting. If you reach out to any of the medical professionals posted be sure to ask for a sample of work before spending any $$$. Obtaining a nexus letter/medical option/DBQ itself does not GUARANTEE VA claim service connection. No group post is meant to be legal advice and group postings do not serve as a substitute for legal advice. Knowledge is power, and we provide this information to give you, the Veteran, more power. Do your own due diligence. Group postings are not in any way recommendations for your medical treatment or evaluation.

There may be approaches listed here that are not accurate or applicable to your case, claim or appeal. Downloading, reading, saving, sharing and/or using any information provided in our FACEBOOK group. forums or website does not make you a client of mine, any other administrator of this group or any group member. The aforementioned actions do not make any of us your attorney, agent or representative. If an attorney/agent-client relationship exists, there will be a written and signed document explaining the relationship between you and your representative.

If you do not have a written attorney/agent client agreement signed by both the/your representative(agent or attorney) and by you, the Veteran, it is in every case unreasonable to think that any this group, forum and website or any member is or will be your legal or medical representative or provided you legal advice. You are a member of this group and take any advice at your own risk and discretion.

You can do damage to your claim/case/appeal by misapplying the information in this group to your claim or appeal. We do not make nor have influence over VA rating decisions, the VA alone does. Service connection and VA ratings are based on the facts or law of your particular case.

It is both critical and crucial for you to note that each and every Veteran’s claim is DIFFERENT. Just because one veteran was able to secure service connection and/or past-due benefits of a certain amount or with a certain medical professional's nexus medical opinion, documentation and/or DBQ does not mean or imply that you will be able to do so.

Govern yourself and interpret each posting accordingly.