Did You Know?

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We recommend only using Accredited Agents, Attorneys, and Service Organizations. Other firms or companies out there may not have their VA Accreditation which means they can not represent you or help you prepare any part of your claim. These companies will most likely ask you for your eBinefits log in info, which you should NEVER give out! Its like giving someone on the phone who calls and says they have money for you but you need to give them you bank account in order to send it.

Also, with your eBinifits log in info, they can change your direct deposit of your benefits to another bank, change the password so you cant get in and they charge you up to 6 times any increase you get and quite possibly any other future increases in benefits. Make sure you ONLY use Accredited people!

Accredited individuals must pass a test administered by VA, pass a Background investigation and send a copy of any and all contract they may have with you to them. VA pays the Accredited individuals directly from back pay of the case they helped with and no more!

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