April 2020

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Things to know before selecting a VSO

VA Accreditation

  • An individual generally must first be accredited by VA to assist a claimant on a claim for VA benefits—even without charge.  VA accredits three types of individuals:

This worksheet will help you estimate the savings you could realize by dropping your Medigap or OHI (Other Health Insurance) policy.

This worksheet applies to individuals who have coverage by Medicare Parts A and B, CHAMPVA and also have a Medigap policy or other major medical insurance.


Let’s start with your annual premiums and compare that total to the most you would spend under CHAMPVA (called the catastrophic cap).

Result Number 1:

Expanded list of diseases linked to the herbicide means more veterans and their survivors qualify by David Frank, AARP, November 2, 2018

Many Vietnam veterans and their survivors may be missing out on substantial payments they are entitled to receive as a result of exposure to Agent Orange, veterans’ advocates say.