July 2011

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Again, that is an individual answer and depends on a lot of different factors. If you are retired from the military than DFAS has to do an audit before backpay can be received and that process can take over 6 months. Most of the time backpay is payed within a few weeks after you receive your letter. In most cases, many people will see backpay hit before they ever even see their award letter.

An Accredited Represntative is someone who has gone through formal training and has applied with the Department of Veterans Affiars.  They must pass a test administered by VA in order to be recognized by VA to become Accredited.  By doing this, they can represent you (the veteran or family of a veteran) with the claim process.

There are several accredited individuals, organizations and Attorney/Agents out there.

They are refered to by various abbrivations;

     VSO = Veteran Service Officer

     NSO = National Service Officer