About Us

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Who Are We?

  • We are simply a group Veterans who help each other with Supporting Evidence Research, CFR (Title 38 (Which Governs VA), BVA Case File Research and help with VA Health Care Questions. We are not associated with the VA or any Service Organization such as DAV, American Legion, VFW, etc. While we are not directly associated with these, we do however have a wide range of experience in our admin/Team, Experts on IU, women's issues, psych, VBA, VHA, social services, Guard/reserves and retirement bennies.
  • While we are not a 'Service Organization' we do have a VSO, CSO, CVSO, agent And just us 'simple vets' here to help you with your questions. We continue to expand our experience and knowledge as we add to our team. Our Goal is to help veterans with their questions and content to accomplish this. We hope to grow this site and group to more than 'just another benefits website' by providing accurate information to you so that you can better prepare your claim.
  • We make no claim nor guarantee any favorable actions concerning information passed between any member or any Administrator/Moderator in our Group or Web Site. We make no guarantee to the success of your claim as this depends on you and your representative.
  • With the knowledge base and experience of our Team, we will always strive to provide correct, precise and accurate information to your questions and other requests. Again, Our Team has a wide range of knowledge and expertise in the claim process with a common goal of helping Veterans with their questions. Some of our Team are actually accredited and or work for VA in various capacities. We are here to help! Please like our YouTube Channel and Facebook Page, Feel free to join our Facebook Group for even more help!.