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I highly recommend this group to all Veterans no matter their service branch or time they served.
If not for this group I would never have known how to file correctly for my claim which ended up as many claims as I was unaware of what you can claim as well as being eligible for healthcare.

I never New of all areas to have in search of medical records which were missing for over 38 years.

I never heard of a C file.

I was unaware not all VA assistants are accredited assistants.

I learned more information in 6 months in this group than 38 years of researching on my own.

Many in this group have personal advice they offer to help you understand better on what needs to be done to get your claim properly done.
Many are willing to share their own experiences which are very helpful.
I’m so blessed that I was able to join and found this group by a Veteran overseas when I mentioned my being injured in a ship wreck and I was not able to get benefits for over 35 years due to they lost my medical records so they stated in my declines for SC injury.

I’m 100% P&T IU due to much help in this group.
Thank you

Person Helped