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Sample PTSD Statement

The following is a statement in support of John Doe as part of his claim for PTSD.


First I would like to establish my credentials.  For eleven years I worked with John at the State of Illinois.  As state employees we worked side by side on a daily basis.  I had plenty of time to observe some of his mannerism and habits.

Personal Statement Format

Along with my previous article 'The Value of a Personal Statement', this Format for a Personal Statement should be of value;

Personal Statement Format

Name:  John Doe


Contact Info:  Address XXXXXXXXXX

                         Phone: (XXX)XXX-XXXX

                         e-mail:  XXXXXXXXXXX@xxxx.com

VA App's

Did you know that VA has developed many different Apps for your mobile device?

These apps range from VA Video Connect, Rx Refill, VA Health Chat, Virtual Care Manager, Mental Health Apps and more.

Simply go to the VA App Store and download the app for your device.  VA also has a video to learn more there.

the VA Rx Refill app is one of these that might prove handy.  You will need a "Premium Account" to use this.  Simply select the image to go to this App's page.

For many of us who served in Germany during the 80’s, we have been unable to donate blood to the American Red Cross due to ‘Mad Cow Disease’.  It appears that recently the Red Cross has lifted this restriction and only continuing restrictions for those who served in England during the 80’s.

to read more on the American Red Cross Blood Donations, please visit their website and this article...

As of May 2020 if you spent 3 months or more in England you cannot give blood. The document says criteria has changed but the document still shows 3 months in England.

Home Healthcare Tip

When you are dealing with the VA for home health care options, it is common for the VHA to not explain that if you track hours and activities of daily living yourself, that can then be used as evidence to maintain the current level of care or to request an increase in hours or pay tiers.
This sheet can be used to track hours and tasks done by the:
  • Caregiver



Coast guard


Marine corps

Air force